About Us

We Are A Family Business

Yutrients CIC is a plant based, natural source supplements company. 

We are a family run social enterprise based in beautiful Dorset, UK. We are passionate about nutrition, sustainable living and giving back.

Our company is brand new and exciting and has been built to benefit more than just us – it has been built to benefit you as a conscious consumer and to benefit others in our communities who are in need of nutrition. We believe that if all businesses were built this way then everyone would have enough to live on this planet comfortably. That’s a pretty powerful feeling.

Our Mission

These beliefs inspired us to create Yutrients CIC; 

To only sell naturally sourced and plant based supplements as we all know the health benefits are far greater than synthetic versions. 

We are a registered community interest company and have legally pledged to donate 80% of net profits to food charities in the UK. We are also a member of Social Enterprise UK.

Our mission is simple. To help end hunger and poverty in the UK.


We will be reaching out to charities who wish to accept our donations. Charities that help families who are in need of food and nutrition and also charities that educate people on growing their own food. If you have any recommendations for charities that are close to your heart please contact us with the details and we will reach out to them! 


Our products are sold in eco-friendly packaging. The pouch is recyclable and more resource efficient than other packaging such as plastic bottles and bags.


Our products are 100% vegan. No animal derived ingredients will be used in any of our products. We believe that consuming vegan products is the most healthy choice you can make. It is also more sustainable for the planet and ethical too!


Social Enterprises are businesses that wish to change the world for the better. What sets them apart from normal businesses is what they choose to do with their profits, which is either donating them or re-investing them to create a positive social change. 

Social Enterprise UK defines a social enterprise as a business who gives away at least half of their profits and are transparent about how they operate and the impact they have. More information about social enterprises can be found at;


Similar to a Social Enterprise a CIC’s main objective is to make a positive social impact from the distribution of the majority of the businesses profits. 

A CIC is defined on the UK Government website as “a special type of limited company which exists to benefit the community rather than private stakeholders”