Multi Mineral – Natural Source, Vegan, Whole Food Supplement Capsules.


A natural food supplement for those who want to include an additional source of minerals in their diet. Whole food-derived minerals are superior to synthetic forms because they are metabolized in the body and have a natural concentration in the brain. These minerals help support optimum function and cellular health. Our product is sourced from buckwheat, sea water, algae, bamboo, and sea salt.

Our Multi Minerals’ is a natural mineral supplement that comes in capsule form. It is an Ionic minute size mineral which means it is easily absorbed by the body. The micron size minerals in this pouch are better absorbed and deliver more health benefits than other synthetic versions. Our Multi Minerals capsules are specially designed to work in a way that allows your body to absorb 100% of the nutrients providing maximum bio-availability. It means that you will get the maximum benefits from what you take and it will be gentle on your stomach too! There are also no fillers or unnecessary additives – just pure and quality nutrients. Containing ingredients from nature like sea water, sea algae, natural chloride and buckwheat; our Multi Minerals’ are pure and nutrient-rich. And best of all, they are natural source, vegan and gluten free!


Typical amount per 4 capsule serving:
Calcium (sea algae) 160mg 20% NRV
Magnesium (purified sea water) 150mg 40% NRV
Potassium (natural chloride) 40mg 2% NRV
Zinc (Cultavit® buckwheat) 10mg 100% NRV
Iron (Cultavit® buckwheat) 8.8mg 63% NRV
Silicon (bamboo) 7mg *
Boron (Cultavit® buckwheat) 2mg *
Manganese (Cultavit® buckwheat) 2mg 100% NRV
Copper (Cultavit® buckwheat) 1mg 100% NRV
Selenium (Cultavit® buckwheat) 200µg 364% NRV
Molybdenum (Cultavit® buckwheat) 55µg 110% NRV
Chromium (Cultavit® buckwheat) 50µg 125% NRV


Suggested Use

Suggested use:
As a food supplement for adults.
Take 4 capsules with food spread throughout the day, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.
Do not exceed the stated recommended daily dose.
Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied diet.


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